Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things are Happening

Time is flying by. Hey time, slow the f down. Work, art-making, reading, music-listening, and thinking have been keeping me extremely busy. In true new-years-resolution fashion I have been pushing myself to create something (anything) new at least once a day. Some good tunes have been keeping me company (I can't stop listening to the new Animal Collective album) and I have been looking at words on pages from some good literature (I got a gift subscription to the New Yorker for xmas. Thanks pops.) Here is a small sample of what I have been up to. First some sketchbook drawings. I like drawing in the car, but Pennsylvania's roads are so notoriously bad that it's difficult to keep a steady hand.

This morning I did a quick drawing of Booker T. Washington and proceeded to screw around with it in photoshop. I've been doing a lot of drawing with a ball point pen lately so this quick indulgence with graphite felt good.

This is a portfolio piece that I have been working on for what seems like weeks, about the recent (can I still say recent?) terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. I remember watching the news and I heard an onlooker say to a reporter (and I'm paraphrasing): "These monuments and buildings that we construct come and go, but the people are the true building blocks of India."

Finally, I picked up this bad-boy today at a thrift shop for a whopping $2.21. Now I can watch the Steelers trounce the Cardinals tomorrow at work. Even though it was manufactured in 1983, the picture and sound are incredibly sharp. Too bad it will be obsolete on February 17th.

Anyway, thanks, mom (and my moms friends), for reading. I'll post more soon.


Jeremy said...

big fan of the india work rich, although my favorite is the photo of your watch. keep on keepin on

Lyle Nagy said...

Yo Rich, I am a fellow illustrator and good friends with Dave D'Incau Jr. I've respected your work for years and I must say this a beautiful piece. I really love where you work is at! Keep it up.
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