Thursday, January 24, 2008

To Rich, By Anthony

Lately I've been working in my sketchbook as much as possible, trying to experiment with different media. I try to have the book on me at all times, drawing anything and everything in my path. I also was able to do some figure drawing the other day so here are some resulting ball point pen drawings.

This week I have been a "guest speaker" at my mother's 3rd grade library classes. They have been learning about the Caldecott Award so I have been talking about some of my favorite Caldecott books (Hey Al, The Funny Little Woman..) showing the kids my work and having them draw portraits of their friends. Luckily, a few of the classes had an odd number of students so I was able to pair up with and draw two of the little rugrats, LT and Anthony. At the end of the session we traded pictures and posted below are their drawings of me. I found it amusing that they both noticed I hadn't shaved in a couple days and included my whiskers in their drawings.

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